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Deep Living Institute Virtual Circle
What Are We REALLY Doing Here?
Join Lara Heller and Brian Mitchell-Walker starting in October for an amazing six week process.

This is a great circle for those new to the Enneagram or the Deep Living Approach and for those that want to deepen their understanding.  This virtual circle will explore the Deep Living Approach to Presence.

"Basically it means:

  • Going below the historic story line of our life to hear and to discover the deeper truth

  • Having enough awareness to get unhooked time and time again from a profoundly addictive substance – which is the idea of who we take ourselves to be

  • Experiencing what is beyond our self-image

  • Building our innate capacity for accessing our deeper intelligence

  • Being profoundly compassionate and accepting of our life’s journey . . .”
    p. xvi Deep Living: Transforming Your Relationship to Everything that Matters Through the Enneagram


Circle starts October 10, 2019 and every Thursday for a total of six weeks from 10:30 am to 12 pm PDT.

Details and sign up information HERE.

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