A Transformative Group Coaching Experience 

Lara is a master facilitator and the Director of Facilitator Development for Women’s Leadership Circles (WLC). The WLC program is a response to the growing complexity and challenges surrounding women’s advancement into senior leadership positions. The internal and external barriers that women have to navigate are coming at a great cost. Tackling this pervasive issue requires a deeper and more novel approach.


Through a unique facilitated process and program design, Women’s Leadership Circles empower participants to surface unconscious biases, manifest new possibilities, and implement personalized strategies that produce meaningful and sustainable results. To accelerate this work, we use the Enneagram to determine each participant’s core personality “type” and the strengths, patterns and areas of potential development. Among other content, together we explore the essential developmental topics of mindfulness, inner critic, creative expression, and wholehearted leadership.


The program’s aim is to enable women to achieve more fulfilling leadership and work experiences. When this happens, organizations reap the rewards that come from these women’s heightened contributions. The ultimate gain is a work environment that is inclusive, emotionally intelligent, and fosters well-being. 


  • Live and lead more authentically.

  • Attain clarity about your personal leadership identity, purpose and goals.

  • Build your own leadership presence.

  • Bring original thinking and voice to organizational demands and opportunities.

  • Increase confidence to influence the challenges of working in dynamic environments.

  • Foster appreciation for inclusive values in the workplace such as collaboration, compassion, and communication.



  • Six monthly group meetings from 9:30am – 4:30pm.

  • Monthly 1:1 hour-long coaching sessions with Lara Heller. First coaching session occurs prior to first group session for two hours. (Total of seven hours of 1:1 coaching).

  • Monthly peer coaching meetings.

  • Maximum of sixteen participants, no more than four from one company. 

CONTACT LARA  |   lara@laraheller.com  |   (510) 207-2134

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