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Enneagram Teaching & Training

  • Enneagram Trainings and Off-sites: To meet the specific needs of your team and organization, I customize trainings for both beginners and more advanced learners.

  • Enneagram Classes: I offer classes and workshops through California Institute of Integral Studies CIIS.  Click here to listen to a conversation with Dr. Shefali:
    On Radical Awakening: A Conversation with Dr. Shefali & Lara Heller

  • Enneagram Workshops and Groups: On-going facilitated meetings which include deepening our understanding about the Enneagram and exploring its practical use in transforming our life. For details, contact me. To learn more about the Enneagram, click here.

  • Enneagram Typing for Teams and Individuals:

    • Typing for Teams: includes a typing session for each member of your team with a possible
      follow-up coaching session to promote healthy workplace communication and relationships. 

    • Typing for individuals: includes a 90 minute session to discover your Enneagram Core Type.

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