Change is inevitable.

We can learn to trust it...



There are crossroads in life that call us to re-evaluate what we want and what is next for us. Embracing change and choosing the right path can be daunting. We often feel stuck, confused or lost and lack the tools and support to move forward.

It is helpful to have a companion and guide as the path unfolds before you. Empowered by our work together, you will build confidence, trust and the courage to step forward. I will offer you tools, practices and skills to make the changes that will lead to the life you want. Through this process of transformation, you will discover your own resources and the capacity to more fully express your authentic self.


When you start your journey, you do not need to know where you will end up. You only need to begin by asking questions with the curiosity and willingness to open up to something new.

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"Thank you! What you have helped me formulate is so powerful. This has changed my life and the way I see myself and know myself."

~ Lauren D.